Add a professional designer's touch to your deck or patio with Backyard Blinds. Pre-assembled for quick installation on virtually any surface.

These blinds feature rugged, commerical components, including stainless steel chain and uv stablized resin clutch. Easy, one-tool installation and quick removal for storage.

Available in 7 sizes: 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10 foot widths. Starting at $195.95!

You can order BackYard Blinds on-line, or if you require custom sizes, have a designer contact you.



Over forty fabric choices!

Commercial-grade quality, yet fashionable. Available in six Airflow Mesh fabrics that block much of the sun's rays yet allow a muted view of the scenery, and over thirty solid-woven solid and stripe outdoor fabrics, which provide 100% sun protection and privacy.

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AirFlow Mesh
These rugged AirFlow mesh fabrics block much of the sun's rays (percent depends on color), yet allow cool breezes to penetrate. They pass just enough sunlight to make the area ideal for relaxing, dining or growing light-sensitive plants. They are made to last for years in PVC-coated mesh, while offering an affordable and attractive shade alternative to solid, 100% sun-blocking acrylic fabrics. (Series B & Series C fabrics)

forest green (80% Shade)

beige (90% Shade)

white (90% Shade)

black (90% Shade)

light gray (90% Shade)

bronze (90% Shade)

Select from these versatile Solid Fabrics. Please call us if you would like a sample swatch of any color. 1-800-894-3801.

forest green



pacific blue


sky blue


cadet gray



charcoal tweed

linen tweed


heather beige

tresco birch

tresco brass

tresco linen

Select from these handsome Striped Fabrics. If you would like a sample swatch of any color, call us at 1-800-894-3801. Striped fabrics in 60" widths are subject to availability – for more information, please call.

sunbrella heather beige
(available in 46" only)

sunbrella putty regimental
(available in 46" only)

black taupe fancy
(available in 46" only)

para el paso
(available in 46" only)

sunbrella grey/beige chip
(available in 46" only)

para heiki
(available in 46" only)

sunbrella taupe/green
(available in 46" only)

para genshin
(available in 46" only)

sunbrella forest vintage bar
(available in 46" only)

sunbrella east ridge cocoa
(available in 46" only)

para provo
(available in 46" only)

sunbrella havelock brick
(available in 46" only)

para kuma
(available in 46" only)

sunbrella manteo cardinal
(available in 46" only)

(available in 46" only)

(available in 46" only)

(available in 46" only)

(available in 46" only)

(available in 46" only)

sunbrella baycrest sky
(available in 46" only)

sunbrella sapphire bar
(available in 46" only)

para dallas
(available in 46" only)

sunbrella cooper navy
(available in 46" only)

laurel bay onyx
(available in 46" only)

laurel bay cedar
(available in 46" only)

Select from these handsome Special Offer Solid & Stripe Fabrics. 20-year Anniversary Special Offer - SAVE $$! Call for discounted pricing on these select fabrics.

recacril emerald

recacril forest green

recacril green tweed

recacril chestnut

recacril burgundy

recacril mauve

recacril blue

recacril blue tweed

recacril captain navy

recacril yellow

recacril cadet grey

recacril moonrock

recacril black

recacril charcoal tweed

recacril linen tweed

recacril hemp beige

recacril heather beige

recacril toast

recacril beige

recacril linen

recacril rossville
(available in 46" only)

recacril sunnyside
(available in 46" only)

recacril midwood
(available in 46" only)

recacril altafulla
(available in 46" only)

recacril gladana
(available in 46" only)

recacril begur
(available in 46" only)

recacril parlone
(available in 46" only)

recacril merida
(available in 46" only)

recacril orotava
(available in 46" only)

recacril pelham
(available in 46" only)

recacril blanco gris
(available in 46" only)

recacril trujilla
(available in 46" only)

recacril breda
(available in 46" only)

recacril bara
(available in 46" only)

recacril elda
(available in 46" only)

recacril lorca
(available in 46" only)

recacril blanco amarillo
(available in 46" only)

recacril blanco verde
(available in 46" only)

recacril tona
(available in 46" only)

recacril valdespina
(available in 46" only)


Five widths of Privacy/Shade blinds are available; 4', 5', 6', 8' and 10 foot.

Installation is easy!
Brackets are provided with every Backyard Blind to allow attachment to virtually any surface. Optional brackets for attachment to a ShadeTree awning structure are also available.

Simple 2-screw mounting bracket
Shadetree track bracket


Airflow Mesh fabrics (color choices)
4 foot width (46" wide fabric) $195.95 add to
5 foot width (60" wide fabric) $214.95 add to
6 foot width (72" wide fabric) $328.95 add to
8 foot width (96" wide fabric) $379.95 add to
10 foot width (120" wide fabric) $459.95 add to
Solid or Stripe Fabrics (color choices)
4 foot width (46" wide fabric) $272.95 add to
5 foot width (60" wide fabric) $328.95 add to
6 foot width (Not available in Sunbrella fabric)
8 foot width (Not available in Sunbrella fabric)
10 foot width (Not available in Sunbrella fabric)
WIND NOTE: These shade & privacy blinds provide effective and fashionable relief from glaring sun at a side angle. However, blinds are vulnerable to wind and may cause damage if left unattended during strong winds. Blinds may be secured by drilling a hole into the weighted handle and attaching a bungee cord to blind. Owner assumes all liability for anchored blinds.


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